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A browser extension to block all visible likers of a tweet. – say NO to hate speech!

Likers Blocker


A browser extension to block all visible likers (and optionally all retweeters) of a tweet on Twitter.


Inspired by Mario Sixtus (@sixtus):

In Übrigen wünsche ich mir für solche Fälle ein Twitter-Add-On, das alle Liker eines bestimmten Tweets blockt, weil es nur Arschlöcher sein können. Wer programmiert es? – 10:41 am · 22 Feb. 2020

In collaboration with @pkreissel, who wrote the back-end for this tool:


Firefox Install for Mozilla Firefox

Chrome Install for Google Chrome

Opera Install for Opera

EdgeInstall for Microsoft Edge (You can install Chrome extensions in Edge, it’s basically the same browser)


Block likers of a tweet

Block all members of a list

Share your block list with others

Since Twitter has disabled its ability to import/export block lists, LikersBlocker brings back the feature.



Known Issues and ToDos

If you find a bug or want to suggest new features, file a new issue.


Feel free to suggest improvements or to create pull requests!

To test the extension locally:


In the repository directory, run:

npm install
npm run build




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Likers Blocker @LikersBlocker

Philip Kreißel @pkreissel (Backend)

Daniel Morgenstern @d_mstern (Frontend)